Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Snow Garden

snow covered hyacinth

frozen mini daffodils

Here are two photos of the garden this morning. As you can see quite a bit more snow than yesterday but not out of control. It is only 10 am and we are expecting snow through the wee hours of Wednesday so we will see.
Luckily, I plant only plants that are suited to my zone so a little bit of early spring snow won't hurt them too much(the blossoms on my daffodils are shot but the plants are safe and as long as the snow doesn't linger the buds should be okay)

But that's Cleveland weather for you, when the lake isn't frozen over, we can get lake effect snow.
I like snow(she says trying to convince herself)
No, seriously I do, but I am so anxious for flowers that I am a little weary of it.
But this too shall pass! It always does.


Anonymous said...

Awh...those are pretty disappointing photos actually. I think they sum up how everyone is feeling very well: UGH...GO AWAY WINTER! Haha. Hope they make it through!

Lin said...

Ugh. We got snow too. At least it melts pretty quickly this time of year and it counts as "water" for the spring flowers, but sheesh, I wish it would quit already!!

Nessa said...

What I'd give to have Winter in Malaysia! :D

SLColman said...

Awwww your poor flowers!!