Monday, April 20, 2009

The Apple Tree

Well, here are some photos of the mangled apple tree (or should I say what's left of it). I don't have any before pictures of the side of the tree that was cut off but the cardinal in the last photo was sitting on a branch in the canopy that is now missing. (actually, most of the branches you can see in that photo are now gone) So, it appears that my plants were not stepped on but I question if the tree will actually survive considering the large gashes that were made in the remaining branches.

Not only does it make me sad but I've noticed the birds are very disturbed by the change in their environment. Their flight patterns are disturbed, they have been fighting on the front porch and I'm afraid I might need to put reflectors on the windows to prevent collisions with the glass. The tree didn't allow for a straight shot before, now it may be inevitable. The light in the living room is not as filtered so I may end up keeping the shade down all the time as I feel a glare on the computer (and my glasses) that didn't exist before.

I've had a lot of thoughts about the tree and its treatment over the past couple of days and I realized I have a hugely Buddhist outlook on all living things. I believe in Karma. I hope that the neighbors never want for food (apple tree being a bearer of fruit) They are very self centered and short sighted. In their desire to protect their material belongings (and get their way) they disfigured a living thing. A gift from God. Something that can give life and maintain life through its gift of fruit. It provided a place of rest and home for the birds and squirrels as well as shade from the intense sun. That tree had been there longer than the car they were trying to prevent damage to. Granted it is a bitchin' TransAm [eye roll] but if they were truly concerned about it why didn't they move it into the garage or even further up in the drive?

Oh, because that's where the tools are kept and it would be an inconvenience when letting out the five(yes, that's right, 5) yapping, little dogs to go to the bathroom. The 5 yapping dogs that torment my one well-behaved, quiet dog. When in the house, Dharma only barks when those irritants yap incessantly (and occasionally when the squirrels tease her). They are cute dogs but behave poorly. It's the owner not the dogs. But I digress, I have been pondering too long on the old apple tree. If I were truly a tree hugger I would run out there in the rain and try to make it better. But it is a tree and I believe that God will provide. If it is going to survive, it will. It has been around a long time, I hope it can out survive the neighbors. (they've only been here a year)

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Athena said...

Ugh, how awful. That just makes me sick. I hope the tree survives.