Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

I was raised Catholic but have not been a 'practicing' Catholic for years now. My father was the baptized Catholic of my parents, Mom converted, sort of, but not really officially. Dad always told me that you don't need to go to church to talk to God. He was very astute at discerning the political structures and requirements within the church from actual spiritual piety (I guess we are a family of Bohemians at heart, pretty conservative, but free spirits nonetheless) It is the one spiritual teaching that my my father gave me that I am most thankful.

Aside from the fact that I haven't attended Church except for some holidays, weddings and funerals, I am still a good Catholic girl. Every year I still observe Lent. Easter is the high holy period of my spiritual life. It is probably the most reverent holiday for me and I still don't attend church. I could go into a soliloquy about all my spiritual tendencies, opinions and preferences but the purpose of this post is really to acknowledge the significance of these holy days.

Happy Easter (and Passover to my Jewish friends) and Happy Spring!


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