Sunday, April 5, 2009

Newest Seedlings and More Odd Looking Seeds

from these odd looking seeds,

come these lovely flowers(Chinese forget-me-not)

these cute little seedlings are 'Spanish Flag'

This is what it will look like in bloom (monarch is not guaranteed!)

These are the Calendula seedlings, I inset an image of the flowers but it is awfully small.
If you remember these were the alien seeds.

All of my seeds were purchased through Select Seeds and I am very happy with their quality. The vast majority of the seeds have sprouted and they did so in record time! I've put links to each of the three seeds mentioned to the Select Seeds page. If you are feeling up to starting your annuals from seed, I think you would be pleased and rewarded with their seeds. [ Oh, I should mention, I am getting nothing in return for my glowing recommendation of Select Seeds, unless you consider the satisfaction of starting and nurturing my own annuals, which in a sense I do but ...:o)]

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Anonymous said...

Those Chinese forget-me-nots seeds are so interesting!