Monday, November 21, 2011

A New Look for a Retro Christmas Kitchen

I blame my decorating obsession on being a frustrated window dresser.

I have been working for a couple years to get our house decorated just right for the holiday season. I do it primarily to create memories for the little one but, let's face it, my stint as a visual merchandiser made me rather particular (read:obsessed) about decking the halls! 

It's always a long process of trial and error and, since we've moved around a bit, readjustment to different era homes and different architectural features. We currently live in a super cute early 60's ranch. It is small but I think it lends itself well to Christmas decor; Since I LOVE Mid-Century Christmas, I had to go a bit kitschy in my kitchen. This year it really seems to be coming together.  Luckily, my son has declared himself a helper elf. Every decorator can use one and, even though he's 4, he is nice to have around and actually quite helpful. Recently, we made a new wreath for our kitchen. It's not completely finished, I hope to add an elf or two, clinging desperately to a branch. But for the most part it is finished.  I chose a candy theme because one of the memories I have of my mother's decorations when I was a child was her glittered plastic candy garland that she hung on the door frame in the kitchen (that's right, I'm not that original in my theme, just sentimental)

SO here's an 'almost' tutorial. If you ever need info please ask and I can answer and amend the post. Wasn't able to take photos of the wreath in progress because, well, I was a bit obsessed about finishing it and I wouldn't pull myself away long enough to take them :o(

It all started with a 24 inch white pine style wreath.  

Then different bulbs were gathered. Most we found (pretty inexpensive) at our local craft store; the others came from Target and coordinate with other decor in the kitchen(to be shared later:O). I used all shatterproof bulbs since it is located in a high traffic area and we have a wee one in the house. My theme is candy in the kitchen so I picked focal ornaments that were giant candies in our kitchen Christmas color scheme(Lime, red and white) 

Then the little one and I placed the ornaments around the bare wreath to see how we would like to do it. We started with the placement of the focal ornaments and added the largest ornaments down to the smallest. It's easier to fit everything in this way and you can tuck the tiny ones in to fill any spaces. I then wired every ornament to the base with white wire. 

Originally, we had picked out a red velvet ribbon with glitter stars to finish it off but decided it looked pretty nice without so we're trying it out for a little while sans bow. I do reserve the right to amend this decision at any time :O)
[there is a nice little spot for it in the upper right quadrant]

All that is left for the wreath is to make an elf and hang him precariously from a branch or candy cane so he dangles in the center. Hope to make him look surprised and in desperate need of assistance.
 In the meantime, the helper elf and I will continue to decorate the kitchen and the rest of the house. 

Can't wait to share the little pass thru window treatment! It was inspired by a Home Depot commercial and I'm very happy with the look. Uber Mid Century feel! 

Well that's it for now, still have ornaments to finish painting!  Until next time, 

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving with your loved ones and, most importantly, enjoy!
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