Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In the Garden - A Hollyhock, Iris and Various Buds

Our first hollyhock
Iris - A lovely surprise
'White Swan' coneflower
bee balm
'black knight' butterfly bush
more photos of the lovely iris
crazy shasta daisy
still unknown lily (but the buds haven't been eaten yet!)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Holden Arboretum's Gnome and Garden Gnome Reception - All 20 Gnomes

Here are the photos from the Gnome and Garden reception party. I'll start off with my own and go from there, in no particular order. :o)

 The work on the back of this gnome was gorgeous. 
Unfortunately, I had no access to take photos. :o(

 The wee tot's favorite 
Hmmmm, two of his favorite berries. Shocking? I think not :o)
The painting on this was beautiful.

 This gnome was gorgeous. 
Unfortunately, an unobstructed view of the bottom detail was difficult so I hope these photos do it justice. I'll try to get better photos of this at a later date.

 One of my personal favorites. 
How could you not love an Oompa Loompa?
 ^One of the husband's favorites.^
This guy was very well done.

How I felt after our internet connection went down this morning.
Still have a twitch

 Love this one!
What you can't see is the flower he holds behind his back. 
Since it is right next to a water feature, I didn't want to encourage the wee one to explore between the gnome and the water feature. Had visions of a small one(or myself) in the murky water of the lily pond.
Billy dedicated this to his Grandma.

 This guy was from recycled stuff.
Another person there actually saw finger nail clippings (ew!)
I didn't look that close because I wanted to like it :o)

 Wise words from a fellow artist: 
At least ours aren't in the middle of a swamp!
The best photo I could get of the Grizzly