Wednesday, June 1, 2011

4 Days In the Garden...



"Coral Reef" Oriental Poppy

Siloam Doodlebug Daylily(3rd year)

Threadleaf Coreopsis (2nd year)

"Raspberry Pixie" Daylily (2nd year)

Meadowsweet (1st year)

Garden Phlox

Heuchera (coral bells)

Hollyhocks (2nd year)

"Coral Reef" poppy

"Coral Reef" poppy (front) standard orange poppy (back)

I lied. I thought the next update would be thrilling but between the rain and then steamy hot weather, I finished very little of my outdoor projects over the holiday weekend. Today and tomorrow the wee tot and I will be going outside to get our raised bed up, filled and planted. Maybe the next garden entry will have the fruits of our labor until then, these photos are of the latest blooms and growth over the last four days(and, with the exception of the very first photo,are in chronological order). :o)


The Cat From Hell said...

Everything looks so lovely! We are still pretty chilly and some things are behind!
Nellie's Mom

Sandy said...

I know we've connected over on The Hive, and I've left you comments there; but thought it would be nice to actually visit each other's real blogs. I am

I dropped while here as well, though not sure which blog I dropped from. Lol, haven't been to my dashboard yet to see which one is signed in.