Friday, March 26, 2010

Our Neighbor Bunny

This was taken at dusk so it isn't the best, but he or she sat still in our back yard for quite a while.

What's Blooming and Some New Completed Projects

Luckily, Primrose like cool weather! I just planted this and 3 others a couple weeks ago when it was warm. I figured they had a better chance outside than if I tried to keep them alive inside. So far so good even though we got a dusting of snow last night. We have tulips coming up(didn't know what to expect this spring since we moved in October) As soon as I have any other blooms I will share.

I think I had shared my Strawberry Bon Bon ornament before but I just made another so just in case, here it is!
This is a revised Christmas Tree Nougat ornament. The original was HUGE! This one is a much friendlier size for the average tree.

Still not done but getting there. The Madhatter still needs his hat finished but with taxes and donations to take care of, I had to put him on the back burner. Maybe now that all that has been accomplished we can get him finished!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

This Year's Plantings

Oriental Poppy

The new yard has a much smaller planting space than the old one did. I am actually happy about it in some respects because it will be much easier to maintain. I did get a little sad yesterday when looking at some of the images I took of the old garden beds but I have already started playing in the dirt. Getting ready to plant this year's seeds. The new garden will be even more lovely than the last! Above is an oriental poppy which will go in the main garden bed along with seashell cosmos, salmon zinnia and California poppies.

Seashell Cosmos


California Poppies


Primrose will go in our various planters that are at the top of our drive.


Hollyhocks, bronze fennel and Linaria are going in front of the set back. I'm hoping to block where we keep out garbage dumpster with the Hollyhocks. The bronze fennel (which is the larval food for swallowtail butterflies) will go in front of that. It is also known to repel deer which I have a feeling will be very important this year. The Linaria will go in front of the fennel. I liked them and thought it would add a pop of color.

Bronze Fennel


Milkweed and Sweet William are going down the side of the house. Milkweed is the larval food of monarch butterflies. Sweet William 'catchfly' was a free pack of seeds that just so happens to coordinate well with the milkweed.


Sweet William

Hopefully everything will thrive, the deer will truly stay away from the plants the *experts* say they dislike and I will be able to share some photos from our garden. We will find out soon enough. Happy Spring!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My New Business Cards (Or Why I Should Have Finished Art School)

Well, here it is! It only took me two days to mess around and come up with a new business card but that doesn't include the few days it took me to design the logo. Now, I did go to art school for design but I wanted to be an illustrator so I was really turned off of the idea of design. I love composition but I struggle with graphic design. After the past two days, I think a design degree would have been a very good degree to have! I am very happy with the result but I don't have the confidence that I have with, say, watercolors. Give me a pencil, pens and watercolors and I can go confidently in the direction of my dreams. Give me Photoshop and I trip myself up. I suppose that everyone has a learning curve on something but I find it frustrating when I can't create something on demand. Regardless! I am ecstatic with the finished card and can't wait to see it in hand. I decided to go with a two-sided card because I had so many websites to include and I just liked the look better. Now I can move on to redesign all my other graphics. At the rate it took me to finish the card, I should have it all done by Christmas! :o)