Saturday, September 19, 2009

The New House

I got the keys the other day to the new home and have started taking boxes over. Drapes are now hung. The bathroom is coming together as is the kitchen. I still need to cover the old ugly drawer linings and shelf 'paper', it's vintage '60s and while my friend Karen thinks it's kitschy cool, I personally do not. And my studio, well let's just say organization is a very good thing! Best of all, the tot LOVES it. He can run all over and I don't have to worry about the stairs or the vents. He even keeps his toys more organized they all are in the front closet or the bathtub(don't ask :o)
On another note, I was so excited this evening when we were heading out to the new homestead for the second time today(I had gone out with the wee tot early this morning) Since I had been up since about 5 am, I wasn't exactly firing on all cylinders. I saw what I thought were those cheesy deer statues in the front yard of a home and I wondered why on Earth they would position the one with it's hind end towards the street. Now, while there would be times when that may make sense, it struck me when I looked at the second one that they weren't statues at all, they were REAL live deer! As we drove down the last main street to our new place we got to see a couple more beautiful deer out for their sunset feeding. After living in the city for so many years, I tend to forget about the wildlife that exists out in the 'sticks'. What an absolute joy! My husband also saw a couple of deer at the end of our street as he was unloading the car. Plus it is ultra dark on our street you can actually see the starlight. Boy, do I miss that. (I'm so used to those obnoxious orange street lamps, I don't know what I'm going to do with myself) Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera today(I know, for shame!) But now that I am reminded of the beauty of nature in the area around the new home, I will be on look out for some stunning photo ops. :o)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Joy of Moving, Part 3

the last two glasses to be packed.
(I had to keep my Labatt Blue Hockey glass, so my husband also got to keep his Chicago Bears Glass)

Well hi there! I haven't given an update on the move recently but I will be getting the keys for the new place in a couple days so no time like the present! Progress has been made. The kitchen is almost completely packed but I want to spend the time really cleaning everything since it seems the kitchen and baths are the rooms that need the most attention. My studio is mostly packed, lots of odds and ends. Bathroom and linen closet are completely packed except for the things we use every day. The attic, ah, the attic, making progress there, too. It should be finished before the big move. My biggest push now is to get the baby clothes to the children's resale shop, books to the resale bookstore and a Salvation Army Truck pick up scheduled for everything else we are giving up. I hope to schedule the pick up for next week, after garbage pick up but before the big move that way all the garbage that needs to go out can and all the things we don't need can be gone before our moving date arrives(no unnecessary temptation to save anything!)

Once the house is finished I can move onto to the poor neglected yard and garden beds. I feel so sad for them, I have neglected them in the past month and a half and, quite honestly, for some unknown reason, weeds grow much faster than plants, it's a mess! Still have a mass of pretty flowers but they are intertwined with weeds. The one thing I have been able to do is rip out the squash vines since they were dying anyway. The only other outdoor accomplishment was to work on gathering up all the things we stored in the garage and throwing away things that needed to be gone(it's amazing to me how the garage became a catchall, especially to my husband. Sadly, I had a wool rug in the garage that needed to be cleaned (I didn't know where to take it so I put it off!) While in the garage it became mildewed and now will be making it's way to the curb for garbage pick up this week.:o(

Onto a more joyful matter, while doing all this menial labor, I have been planning/designing ornaments in my head. A question for you, What is your favorite character from "Alice in Wonderland"? Leave me a comment, so I can use my mind designing an adorable ornament!

Friday, September 11, 2009


"peppermint stripe" charitable puzzle piece wreath ornament

Do you have puzzles sitting around the house that have seen better days? Either they are missing pieces, have been outgrown or just not used(and probably won't be!)

I have a purpose for those poor neglected puzzle pieces. Every year I like to sell an ornament to benefit a charitable cause. This year I am selling puzzle piece wreath ornaments to benefit a charity called
Autism Solution Center. Their vision is to open a minimum of one, NO COST autism treatment, education, assistance and research facility in each of the 50 US states, and abroad in other countries.

If you would like to mail me your unwanted puzzle pieces(all sizes welcome, please use the most cost effective method of postage), I will donate the mailing cost +$1 to Autism Solution Center. In addition, I will send you a puzzle piece wreath as a special Thank You for helping me in my endeavor. If it sounds like it is something you'd be interested in, leave me a comment with your email address and we can exchange mailing addresses.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Joy of Moving, Pt. 2

Well, the preparation continues. I feel like it's crawling along, with a 2 year old to keep up with, it's hard to get much done. Nap time is usually when I can get the most accomplished. I managed to get the curtain rod hardware up, drapes ironed and hung the other day but I'm still working on washing our drapes. When they do make it through the washer, I have to dry, iron and hang them for the new place. I also had a lot of errands outside of the house in the past couple of days, most were related to the move, so that's good, but it feels like it takes precious time away from the task at hand at home. Doesn't help that I forgot to get pant hangers for the drapes, TWICE, and have to go back out today! Yes, I too get frustrated with myself and my circumstances, but I don't dwell on it because it is what it is and really can't be changed, tweaked perhaps but not changed. Moving is temporary, all the chaos that ensues slightly before and after the actual move is transient, although irritating and frustrating, I must admit!

There is a wonderful feeling of excitement that I get with a move. I like a change of scenery, although some places more than others. There is a newness that feels good. It's a new chapter and a fresh start, even though you schlep your stuff with you from one house to the next. When I get frustrated I think of this aspect of moving and everything falls into place, my perspective changes and I am able to focus on the task at hand.

So today I will try to remember the damn pant hangers and finish up the drapes. Then I hope to finish up my studio and start packing up the kitchen and bath (only the things we use daily will be left unpacked, that means one towel, washcloth and hand towel for each of us. The rest will be packed and we will have to throw our respective towels in with our laundry)I'm sure this list will span the course of a few days, I always think I'm capable of getting more done in one day than I can. I always fail to take the toddler factor into account which always foils me!!

Well, we are watching Super Why! When it finishes I will get the little tyke dressed and start another busy day.