Thursday, October 30, 2008

Odette- finished


UGH! Now I'm sick! Hit me yesterday and I feel like CRAP! I haven't been sick since somewhere in the middle of my pregnancy(so about 2 years!) Hit me yesterday and my nose is dripping(but I'm not licking it off my lip like the wee tot...YUCK!) I'm drinking Salada's Asian Plum White Tea, which is mighty yummy if you like tea, and have been popping Halls Naturals (mountain berry, again mighty tasty!)Anyway, I'm finishing up Odette and hope to post new photos of the finished ornament sometime today. After that I'm not sure what I'll work on, I guess it depends on how crappy I feel (there is a formula for this and it's something like: motivation /crappiness factor = productivity)So we'll see!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I miss my blog!

For whatever reason, I like my blogger blog and have been noticing lately that I come here to blog first. Whatever....My little boy has rebounded, his teeth are still bugging him but he doesn't seem to be 'sick' anymore. If he had a cold, he's like his momma because it's gone and he's fine. WEIRDO kid, WEIRDO mom!! I'm working on a new Christmas ornament, Odette from Swan Lake. I'm hoping to add Odile too but that one may have to wait. I always loved ballerinas, too bad I'm so damn clumsy! I took ballet when I was little but my clumsiness coupled with my pigeon toes, well...let's just say it ranks right up there with my impression of a dying moose when I tried to play the saxophone way back when! NOT PRETTY! I'll stick to crafting and drawing!

Monday, October 27, 2008

The bug is sick!

First time in 15 1/2 months my little one is sick! He got it from his father (pain in the tookass! I told him to stay away from the boy!) Anyway, he has a cold, I think. He's running a fever but that may be due to his teeth coming in. So needless to say he's drooling and snot is running down to his lip(where he's licking it up....eeewww,yuck!) I guess we'll have to forgo the story time tomorrow, don't want to spread the joy! Nothing like a crabby baby! Won't sleep, won't eat, doesn't like anything, only wants mommy but doesn't want mommy at all....Great fun!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I have an idea for a novel!!

I already had an idea for a children's book and that has been starting to play in my mind as of late so I will be writing soon. But now I have an idea for a psychological novel for adults. It would be brainy and I need to start studying Quantum Physics so that I might have a deeper understanding of how to write the story line. I'm very excited and yet a wee bit nervous since I haven't written much more than these blog entries as of late!! Guess while I'm at the library on Tuesday(story time for the boy!) I will research books on creative writing!! Woo Hoo!! I have inspiration running through my mind again!!I'll keep y'all posted on what I find!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Come Join Us!

NOW I'm feeling Halloween a little more!

My mom has a friend in a retirement community and she decided to make this for the little boy. For whatever reason, I'm feeling Halloween a little more. I'm not going to dig out the other decorations because I don't have the motivation or the energy and the boy isn't going to dress up this year[haven't seen anything I like] but it feels a little more like autumn. It is very cute.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Christmas Etsy Shop!

Buy Handmade

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Santa has the Bug's Gift!

This will probably be the last year that Santa will be able to pick up the boy's major gift while the boy is there! What can I say, Target had a good deal, it just came out today and it's suppose to be one of the hot toys of the year. I am a firm believer that Santa doesn't lavish gifts on little ones but he does get them one big gift and maybe a couple little things. So this is the big gift, on Amazon it was selling for $120+ a couple days ago, $85 this morning. Target had it for $59.99. Sure it may drop in price before the holiday but will you be able to find it?

Monday, October 13, 2008

My Completed Christmas Projects

Okay, here are the final results of some of my projects.

It’s a slow go but I’m getting there!!bzlittlechristmaself.etsy is filling up!

Ribbon Candy in progress

Ribbon Candy in progress

Friday, October 3, 2008

finished wreath ornaments added to bzlittlechristmaself

$1 of every puzzle wreath sold will be donated to The Autism Research Institute.

[ARI was established in 1967. ARI is primarily devoted to conducting research, and to disseminating the results of research, on the triggers of autism and on methods of diagnosing and treating autism. We provide research-based information to parents and professionals around the world. ARI is the hub of a worldwide network of parents and professionals concerned with autism. The ARI data bank, the world's largest, contains over 40,000 detailed case histories of autistic children from over 60 countries.]

New Ornaments for My Christmas Shop!

puzzle piece wreath

puzzle piece wreath's drying on the project board

Here is a preview of my newest ornament for

I’m looking for a good Autism charity to donate a portion of the proceeds.

[Oh and a slightly blurry picture of the cutie boy!]

Thursday, October 2, 2008