Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I miss my blog!

For whatever reason, I like my blogger blog and have been noticing lately that I come here to blog first. Whatever....My little boy has rebounded, his teeth are still bugging him but he doesn't seem to be 'sick' anymore. If he had a cold, he's like his momma because it's gone and he's fine. WEIRDO kid, WEIRDO mom!! I'm working on a new Christmas ornament, Odette from Swan Lake. I'm hoping to add Odile too but that one may have to wait. I always loved ballerinas, too bad I'm so damn clumsy! I took ballet when I was little but my clumsiness coupled with my pigeon toes, well...let's just say it ranks right up there with my impression of a dying moose when I tried to play the saxophone way back when! NOT PRETTY! I'll stick to crafting and drawing!

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