Friday, November 21, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008

gingerbread snowflake decorating kit

Coming Soon!!

I'm finally getting ready to list the gingerbread ornament decorating kits as well as the other mini play dough kits. They will be listed first in the Christmas shop and later in the regular shop. I also am working on a couple of felt food items for the busy little elf shop, I think they are going to be very cute, I hope to have at least one of them done by Monday. I'll post photos as soon as I have something!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Candy Cane Mini Play Dough Kit

Here's the newest addition to the mini play dough kits. This one is candy cane red and starlight white, both are scented with Peppermint extract and have glitter(the red has red foil glitter, the white has crystal glitter) They come in a cello treat bag with a Spangler candy cane.

Monday, November 17, 2008

In the Works---other mini play dough kits

Snowman comes with 4 oz. white sparkly peppermint play dough and snowman cutter.
It will have additional colors but I'm not sure which ones and how much of each yet.

Candy Cane will come with one 4 oz tub of peppermint scented red and one 4 oz tub of peppermint scented white. (and a candy cane of course)

Sugar cookie will have one 4 oz tub of vanilla natural colored dough and multiple colors for decorating(small amounts, still working out the details!) It comes with a star-shaped cutter.

Oh Christmas Tree comes with a 4oz tub of Green regular scented play dough and brown, red and yellow mini sized containers (again working on the details) It has a tree cutter
Here are the graphics for my other mini play dough kits. I apologize for the quality, they don't transfer from program to program right. The pictures are full color but when I copied them to photoshop the background color shows through. Anyone who can solve this dilemma, I would be very appreciative!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gingerbread Man Mini Play Dough Kit

Here are some photos. I have to re-shoot them when the sun returns but at least I was able to list them in my Christmas shop!


Is it monsoon season in Cleveland or what? We had to take a boat home from the post office! Crazy! I just bought a notebook so I can start writing my books. I have a laptop but it seems to be easier with the curious little one to write in the old school notebook, it's not as fascinating (no lights!!)

I'm working on play dough mini kit labels and bought the treat bags that they will be packaged in. I hope to start posting photos soon!

Crazy Week here in Elfland!

Wow what a great week! I got to go to lunch with Pam (and we got to meet her cute little dog, I hope he didn't suffer any permanent damage due to the wee one's exuberance!!) Then we had play dough orders to make and ship. The bug had his final shots, no more until 4 years old!!!YEAH, WOO-HOO!!!We had to go pick up the boy's one Christmas present in Columbus because I somehow shipped it to my old address!!So we had lunch in Columbus before driving home and he did surprisingly well although he ate his crayons, yuck! And he learned a new word, ICKY!!(Because mommy kept saying "that's icky!!") We had more play dough orders that we just finished up and now we have to go on an adventure to Office Max to get some Cyan ink for the printer so I can print out the address labels and send them on their merry way!! Later we will go grocery shopping and I hope to order some new business cards for my show the first weekend of December. I also hope I'll be able to make some gingerbread ornament dough and design my labels for Christmas mini play dough sets (great size for stockings) and Elf Snot! I'll post photos when I have them! Oh and I will probably change my playlist since it is the season!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Pam!

I just looked at the date and I realized that one of my dearest friends from high school is having her birthday today. Now unfortunately, I haven't talked to her in a long time but not because I don't care about her or consider her my friend, just because life sometimes gets away from us and we lose track. I'm one of those people who if you are my friend, truly my friend, then you will be throughout my life regardless of where it takes us.

So that said and not that Pammy will see this, but if she does....


I do miss you and wish you all the happiness in the world!

Camo Play Dough Collection Package Graphic

Here's the newest graphic for my play dough packaging.
I will post photos of the complete set when I have them (in the next day or so)