Monday, November 17, 2008

In the Works---other mini play dough kits

Snowman comes with 4 oz. white sparkly peppermint play dough and snowman cutter.
It will have additional colors but I'm not sure which ones and how much of each yet.

Candy Cane will come with one 4 oz tub of peppermint scented red and one 4 oz tub of peppermint scented white. (and a candy cane of course)

Sugar cookie will have one 4 oz tub of vanilla natural colored dough and multiple colors for decorating(small amounts, still working out the details!) It comes with a star-shaped cutter.

Oh Christmas Tree comes with a 4oz tub of Green regular scented play dough and brown, red and yellow mini sized containers (again working on the details) It has a tree cutter
Here are the graphics for my other mini play dough kits. I apologize for the quality, they don't transfer from program to program right. The pictures are full color but when I copied them to photoshop the background color shows through. Anyone who can solve this dilemma, I would be very appreciative!

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