Saturday, November 15, 2008

Crazy Week here in Elfland!

Wow what a great week! I got to go to lunch with Pam (and we got to meet her cute little dog, I hope he didn't suffer any permanent damage due to the wee one's exuberance!!) Then we had play dough orders to make and ship. The bug had his final shots, no more until 4 years old!!!YEAH, WOO-HOO!!!We had to go pick up the boy's one Christmas present in Columbus because I somehow shipped it to my old address!!So we had lunch in Columbus before driving home and he did surprisingly well although he ate his crayons, yuck! And he learned a new word, ICKY!!(Because mommy kept saying "that's icky!!") We had more play dough orders that we just finished up and now we have to go on an adventure to Office Max to get some Cyan ink for the printer so I can print out the address labels and send them on their merry way!! Later we will go grocery shopping and I hope to order some new business cards for my show the first weekend of December. I also hope I'll be able to make some gingerbread ornament dough and design my labels for Christmas mini play dough sets (great size for stockings) and Elf Snot! I'll post photos when I have them! Oh and I will probably change my playlist since it is the season!!

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