Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another Day at the Zoo

My Kitty - the Snow Leopard
(she's about 3 feet from my face and I have about 15 photos of her. This was the highlight of my day. Most of our trips to the zoo have not included her beautiful presence and I am just so thrilled to have had the pleasure of taking her picture)

Mallard Duck

Canvasback Duck

Canada Goose
(it was a great day for water fowl although they are beginning to nest and so we met some hissing geese along they way)

(bunch of divas today, posing for the camera)

It was very busy at the zoo today(I forgot about Spring Break until we got there) but no big deal. The little one actually enjoyed all the little people and joined in the revelry at every opportunity!

The one thing that really got me on my soap box, and I just have to get this out of my system, there were some children running around chasing geese(and boy, I was rooting for the goose hoping it would turn around on the little $#!+ and show them why it isn't a good idea), pulling magnolia flowers off the trees and daffodils off the plants.
The parents were right there, what is wrong with you people? You should be teaching your children respect, plain and simple, across the board. Respect for people, animals and all living things. Respect for the people who work so hard to provide a special place to visit wildlife we wouldn't otherwise have the chance to see. Respect for the other guests who might enjoy seeing the flowers dotting the landscape. GRRRRRR, it just got me a bit testy that's all.

But it was a fine day and I got to bond with my kitty!


Anonymous said...

AMEN! Sometimes I feel that I have no right to speak on this topic as I am only 26 and childless, but, I am a teacher. This means I constantly think about kid behavior while I'm out. Excuse me, but if I can get 25+ students at a time to follow directions and be respectful to one another and materials, then I know all of you parents out there can handle your handful of them instead of turning your head away. One day in the grocery store I saw a women LETTING her kid climb on top of a tower of toilet paper and scream "I AM A QUEEN!!" Um...I wanted to go take care of it myself, but instead can only give the stink eye to mom. Sigh.

Carl said...

You have two of my favorites animals right there. The tiger and the giraffe. Aaawwww... I have lived in the greater Cleveland area for 10 years and I only went to the Cleveland zoo once. I don't remember much now. So, are the daffodils in blooms yet in Cleveland?