Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Blooms and a Little More

My new Hosta

I love Violets so much that I leave the wild ones to grow in my flower bed.

The Labrador Violets are blooming, too.

I love the color of this Daffodil.
[edit: My mom informed me this is a narcissus, who knew? I thought they were one in the same]

Bleeding Hearts

Mutant Daffodil (still hasn't opened up)

Hyacinth with Daffodils

[They've seen better days. I am pretty sure the slugs are feasting, time to buy some beer!
I don't know which would be more effective, them drinking it or me.:o)]
I had an order for my Space Boy Ultimate Play Dough Collection so that's what I did yesterday, while it rained! Now off to the Post Office.

This weekend is supposed to be incredible(70s and 80s!!) The little boy and I will be going to the Holden Arboretum tomorrow for their Arbor Day celebration(and to take in the glorious weather) The rest of the weekend I hope we can do some serious work in the gardens and get the little one's sand box cleaned out and filled with new sand.

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