Friday, April 3, 2009

'Frolic' Sweet Pea Seedlings Update

As you can see they are very happy! I've moved the biggest ones to our 'pantry' which is technically an unheated mudroom off the kitchen. It receives morning light and actually is on the side of the house where I plan to put these little sweet peas. I figure the Tink won't be able to chew them anymore either. Now I just need to protect the other seedlings (you can see the calendulas on the sill in the background) Back to starting seeds!


Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

They're looking good! I have some started as well..I love sweet peas!

elf said...

Me Too! I am so excited, I love their scent and their delicate appearance.

Shinade said...

oh they look fantastic. I haven't started seedlings in years.

I ride every summer now with my hubby to take photos. So there's no one home to tend a garden.

Oh boy but we will have a sweet one in 2 more years when he retires.

Happy weekend,

Audrey said...

They look pretty good! Never have had any luck with starting plants indoors.

Athena said...

They look great! Good luck with all your seedlings. :)