Saturday, April 25, 2009

Blooms, Survival and Cats

The mutant plant has finally bloomed and this is what we have:

Quite lovely!

When we moved to Cleveland from Columbus 2 years ago, I was 9 months pregnant and never was able to get my plants and bulbs from my last garden into the ground. Last year, I tried to save my lilies but the bulbs looked like they wouldn't survive, some were rotted and they had been in a large pot outside all winter long. I planted them in the flower bed anyway. Last year I had one bulb send up a shoot but it was small and weak and I didn't expect much. Well... another winter has passed, I now have a bunch of shoots from 3 different bulbs. I don't know which type survived (I had three or four different varieties) but I look forward to a surprise in a few short months! I'll keep you posted.

Moral of the story: Never give up on your bulbs, their resilience may surprise you.
(Hmmmm....I see a personal lesson here too!)

Labrador Violets

Two rotten cats (Oscar and Scooter)
Oscar's subliminal message: you will let me out, I command you to let me out
Scooter's: Come on, come on, come on, let me out, let me out
To which I said: Hell no!

I love my cats and don't want any harm to come to them. We are way too close to the road and have a few vicious dogs in the neighborhood (the neighbor dog killed a young squirrel last year).
So, alas, they remain disgruntled indoor cats!


Duni said...

Your cats are cool!
Sammy, our cat, mainly stays indoors and is only allowed onto the enclosed terrace. Too many cats in our neighbourhood have been run over by cars :(

Athena said...

That yellow flower is gorgeous!

We've been lucky enough to have a huge yard and woods way far away from the road-- now we have a fenced-in backyard and are on a very quiet street. Our cats are very thankful. :)