Thursday, April 2, 2009

Garden Update

More pictures from my little corner of Heaven!

The bleeding hearts are building steam. A little difficult to see against the mulch. I can't wait until the leaves start to open up a little more.

My full size daffodils are still working on coming into bloom.
As you can see they are making progress. I forgot to look at the one plant between our house and the neighbors. These are usually the first ones to bloom since they get more sun throughout the day. Lucky neighbors!

The Hyacinth are making progress, too. The weather is suppose to be pretty warm(slightly above average for this time of the year) so I suspect these will be blooming sooner than I would normally think.

The columbine leaves are unfurling. I think this is why I am loving columbine more than I ever did in the past. I never noticed how lovely the foliage really was until I started growing them in my garden. Hooray for me, I've matured;O) When I was younger I think I only noticed the flower, now I notice the entire plant. What do you expect, I'm a late bloomer!

My first blooms. These are tiny. Yes those are my finger tips and my fingers aren't all that big. My guess is that the flowers are no more than an inch wide from petal tip to petal tip. So sweet though. Tough little plants too! They are planted close to the road (exposed to lots of road salt) and some had to come up through the Sweet Williams I planted on top of it.

Seedling updates:

This is the biggest predator to my poor defenseless seedlings. I caught the rotten Tinkerbell chowing down on an innocent sweet pea sprout yesterday. I have devised a way to keep her away from them, if it works I'll share if not I'll post photos of her funeral (Just kidding, I would never hurt the dink but I would yell at her....A LOT!)

Here are the newest seedlings, the calendula have sprouted already and the sweet peas are progressing (as long as the dink doesn't continue to munch! Note the missing leaves on the sprout to the right, rotten, rotten cat!)


Carl said...

We live 20 miles north of Seattle. In Seattle, the daffodils are in full blooms and look just splendid. But in our neighborhood, none of the daffodils are in blooms yet. I guess we are in this "conversion zone" and it's colder. I have been going to the grocery store and buying the daffodils there. I really need to see some flowers now. Winter is wearing me out.

Anonymous said...

The flowers here in Portland, Oregon have been blooming for weeks now!
I am definitely taking your lead and this weekend plan to buy some seeds.
I had to chuckle with how your cute kitty keeps eating the sprouts. Last Spring I was mad at the Squirrels for doing the same thing! *sigh*