Monday, April 13, 2009

Rotten Squirrel!

squirrel chomping on easter m&ms

While my little boy napped, I put out his eggs for the egg hunt in our backyard. Now had I thought that the boy would have been sleeping for a long time, I wouldn't have put them out there when I did but I knew he just need a cap nap to recharge his batteries after playing all morning with his Easter Elmo and Cookie Monster. Well shortly thereafter, he woke and we took him out back.

Lo and behold our rotten, rogue squirrel found that the eggs had tasty treats in them and decided to hijack a couple for his own enjoyment. Thus the picture. This same squirrel likes to torment the dog by walking past the dining room window where Dharma sleeps and hanging out in the trees in the backyard when Dharma goes out to do her business ( and of course just out of her reach) I now understand why the Dharma dog wants to rip them to pieces. Little $#!+!

I do wish I could have seen the squirrel getting the egg to the back fence, I'm sure it would have been entertaining! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the picture.

one of my favorite easter pictures


Anonymous said...

He's very cute (not the squirrel). I'm sure he didn't notice the missing treats, seems like he's got quite a lovely pile there!

Lin said...

That's funny!! Squirrels deserve a little Easter too, I guess.

elf said...

The funny things was he got m&ms. I would have thought the goldfish crackers would have been more appealing!

Athena said...

Awwww. Sorry about the theft, but he *is* a cutie. So's your son! :)