Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My New Books

You can see the direction I am planning to take professionally. (If all the photos of zoo animals and plants from my garden didn't foreshadow this development!)

I had been hoping to buy a scanner for my use with my shop's earnings(we have a scanner but it is with my husband's computer and is a hassle to scan anything, I like to do things on my schedule and often forget by the time he gets home from work!) but since I haven't been spending a lot of time adding new items or re-listing, I haven't saved enough to do that so I bought these books instead. Both were from Amazon(can't beat their prices and free shipping!)

My heart skipped a beat when I saw the graphite drawings of the eggplant. Obviously, some part of my being has missed this type of drawing and I really am a draftsman at heart. As I create, I will post.


Anonymous said...

looking forward to seeing it, have fun!

pus2meong said...

The Botanical Illustration book look so nice. I like it, too bad there's not such book in my country (or may be I did not found it :D)