Sunday, April 26, 2009

Edged and Mulched the Front Flower Bed

I woke up relatively early and wanted to get out into the garden before the heat kicked in. We needed to edge the flower bed and I wasn't sure how long it was going to take. While my husband slept, my little one and I went out front to work. I wanted to expand the beds a little so I would have more space for overflow annuals. I managed to get half of the first roll of edging done when my husband joined us. He started digging up the front of the bed while I continued to bury the edging. Long story short, my arthritic shoulder started bothering me so I put mulch down while hubby finished the edging. He did a much better job anyway and he may even go back and redo my portion of it! [Okay by me since his did look much better]

Tulips in my vegetable garden. I'll be moving these up front when they are finished blooming.

Another photo of the mutant flower. By the way, it smells as fabulous as it looks!

The Crab Apple tree in bloom. The apple tree will be blooming soon(the two are rooted in the same place so it looks like we have a two-toned tree, pink on the bottom and white on top)The apple tree looks like it will survive, so far at least, it is sending out new shoots.


Athena said...

Oh, your crabapple tree is so pretty. I miss the one we had before we moved.

I am planting all my seeds today-- think good thoughts for pretty flowers!

elf said...

Good Luck Athena! I hope you post some pretty pictures of those pretty flowers!!:o)