Tuesday, May 27, 2008


What a great Memorial Day Feast! I made BBQ ribs on the grill, first time ever, but they were fabulous. I used a recipe from Martha Stewart's visit to the Today show and then adapted it to my taste. I was a little nervous because I am a good cook generally but I have to follow directions to the T. I generally don't adapt recipes but am learning with cooking (not with baking) those directions are relative. I also listed my new etsy shop this
I don't have any listings on it yet but I'm working on decorations right now(along with the helmets and space ship banks) I have found it is easier with papier mâché to create all the forms I can and apply the papier mâché all at once. It's just a better use of time for me. Well it's time to take the dog out and I need to get to the post office.