Thursday, May 29, 2008

lil' bruiser

Well the little boy weighed in today at the dr. office. He's still hovering around 75%, which my mother told me I was when I was a wee tot. I'm not as worried anymore, he's happy, he's gaining weight and he's developing the way he should be. For goodness sake, he's trying to sing the alphabet song at 10 months. (so far A, G, H are the only truly understandable letters but he's trying his darnedest to sing his alphabet song!) Today we start on Xmas ornaments (polymer clay) and I hope to set up the studio for papier mâché. Tomorrow should be a very productive day (unless the little one needs a ton of attention!) I hope to be able to take photos within the next couple of days. You'll see them as soon as I snap them!!