Friday, May 16, 2008

We're starting our promotions!

Well my first print ad should have been published in the most recent Currents publication.
(actual ad at right)
We also just put our magnets on the car, they look adorable. I must admit, I'm a little uncomfortable promoting my own work. I thought it would be easier under a business name but the reality is I'm driving the car (usually) and so the work is connected to me. Why I'm uncomfortable with promoting my art has to do with me feeling like I'm showing off. My sister always made me feel guilty for being proud of my accomplishments and creations. Logically I know this, emotionally it still cripples me. This definitely has held me back from being more successful than I have been. I am always so grateful to those folks who like the work I do and yet I try so hard to be anonymous when people are interested in my work. I like to hear authentic feedback, but I don't want to have to acknowledge my feelings one way or another about what they think. I like to do what speaks to me and I think too much input from others hurts my creative process. As I explore this here I realize how much more complicated this matter is than I originally thought. I guess I'll ponder on this a little more as I work on my new projects and love on the little one. Funny I just realized that the same feeling doesn't crossover to my parenting, I know what I'm doing is best for his development and I won't change it unless I feel it would be in his best interest. Hmmm...I wonder why I can't be as decisive with my art?