Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Why does life always get in the way of creativity?

I wonder if other artistic people feel the way I do. My day is going to be filled with cleaning the house because we have an insurance agent coming in to discuss life insurance. (sounds like great fun I know!!) Now let me state something here, I'm not the crazy- everything- has- to- be- spotless kind of girl. You cannot and should not eat off of my floors. (And where did anyone ever get the idea that that was a good idea??) Anyway, my friends are the great housekeepers, me, I get by. It's just not the way I choose to spend what free time I get. I'm the creative one and I think that my creativity comes out of a bit of chaos. I don't think the husband likes the chaos as much but as I always remind him, if he doesn't like it he could always clean it to the way he sees fit. (and I don't see him cleaning so.....) So there we have it, a day of cleaning. It's time to keep up with the Joneses!!