Friday, March 20, 2009

So Much to do, So Little Time

This may be the last post from me until after a very busy weekend.

This is my to do list for this weekend:

*Spring Clean the Main Floor
[clean clutter, purge toys, scrub floors, hang all winter coats in closet (not dining room chairs, irritating!!!) put away winter boots and toys, clean little finger prints off of all smooth surfaces/glass, clean the stove (it's getting on my nerves, have to take off all the knobs and scrub behind them!) and the refrigerator(the science projects must go!), finish lining cabinets, etc., etc.]

*Start Seeds
[I have a number of annual flowers and vegetables that I have to start ASAP or I won't have flowers or food come summer!]

*Dental Appointment

*Get Taxes Done
[used to be the one who did taxes on Feb 1 now that I have a small business I get overwhelmed and don't get them done until the end of March, early April!]

*Organize Recyclables and Cart Them to the Drop-Off Center
[such a pain but I can't throw them in the trash, it's amazing how much of our refuse is recyclable!]

Most of this is just time consuming and with a little one, it's even more so. Unfortunately, when I Spring Clean, I become relentless. [DH may be sorry if he didn't put up his trade magazines when I asked...;o)]

Have an AWESOME Weekend!

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Chickenista said...

Ooh I feel for you, I just did my spring round up. We donated soooo many things. Tossed out all the broken toys, can you believe there were toys from this Christmas in the bag! But it always makes me feel better once it's done.
Put on some music, give the kids a watered down cloth and one thing to do ( I always give them the legs of tables and chairs). Sing while you do it. The trick is getting them involved.
The older ones have their toys they go through to toss or give away.