Friday, March 6, 2009

Fluky Friday

Well, here are a couple random things this lovely Friday.

The weather is suppose to be nice, well compared to the 20's and snowing, 60's with a chance of rain will work! That said, the husband and I are going to take advantage of the weather and try to clean up the flower beds.(believe it or not there is actually a flower bed in that picture!) We didn't clean the leaves up last fall so it's hard to tell what's what. Now I'm sure a lot of people would give me H-E-double hockey sticks for not cleaning up the garden bed but my philosophy is that those leaves act as a mulch of sorts. Look at woodland gardens, they don't have little elves cleaning up the leaves every fall, do they? They do? OH.... well, as long as you pick them up before they start to mold it should be okay.(I hope!) Anyway, master gardener I'm not, but here are some signs of life springing up in our front flower bed.

On another note, my son has always ripped off his socks. Can't stand the things. He seems to like to be barefooted even when it's chilly. The new thing, which started yesterday, is taking off his shirt. At first I thought he was channeling my 80's fashion days(remember flashdance? YIKES!) Well it's progressed, now he's just attempting to take it all off. At least we are headed towards warm weather. Due to this quick evolution, I'm sure I won't be able to show him at all in a few short months. My little nudist!

Last but not least, even more proof that he is my child. Weird like his Mama!

Have a Great Day!!


April said...

Great pics thanks for sharing Man I wish I could sleep that soundly :D

Anonymous said...

I did those things as a kid too! Here's what's coming; he'll kick the blankets off of him in his sleep at night:) I was a weird kid too.

elf said...

Hee hee! He won't even let me put a blanket on him!(but then I usually force him to wear footy PJs in the winter so his feet don't freeze. Mean Mommy!!):o)

Cindy said...

I just found your blog through an Entrecard ad. Your son is very cute! I'm commenting, though, because I think your couch is identical to mine. It's the exact same color, looks like the same fabric, and I'm serious, even the stitching looks the same... Where did you get it?

elf said...

It was from JCPenney. Had I known we were going to have the little guy as soon as we did, I would have chosen a darker color.LOL It's a great couch though. It was inexpensive and has held up nicely. The only down side is the cushions aren't fully upholstered so you can't flip them when your wee tot leaks on it!:o)