Monday, March 23, 2009

I Feel Better...Sort Of!

I didn't get everything finished this weekend but I made headway so I feel pretty good about what I was able to accomplish.

The down side was I ended up getting 3 teeth pulled instead of just one (impacted wisdom teeth..okay so I put it off for 20+ years, I guess it was time!!) I had a very good oral surgeon (Dr. G) who told me they needed to come out.... now!(I like decisive people!) I was nervous but luckily didn't have time to think much about what was going to happen. Good news is I had very little swelling, no bruising and honestly, for all the work I had done, I'm not really that sore! I'm talking a little funny but I guess some people may think that's normal.

Taxes are done also and from direct experience, it was nothing like having teeth pulled(LOL).

Recycles are gone and some seeds are started. This and spring cleaning are going to take me a little while but they are both underway and I feel good about the pace I'm working at so I won't complain or let myself feel down about not finishing. It was only the first weekend of spring!

So now I can go back to posting. I hope to work on my storybook project and will post what I have when I have something to show.

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