Thursday, March 12, 2009

Please Vote!

I have a poll running today on the right sidebar. It is which childhood story you prefer. I am trying to decide on one for a challenge I want to participate in but I'm having a hard time picking just one!
SO! Please, give me your 2 cents. [How often do you really hear that? :o)]


kate said...

I just voted for James & the Giant Peach....I love that story! With Charlie and the Chocolate Factory a close second~*~

April said...

I went with The Little Engine. But my real favorite is Curious George :D

elf said...

I love George too! Totally didn't think about him, don't know how but I think it would have been hard for me to create a new image since George is George and how could you improve on that? LOL.

[A little aside, the Curious George books and Dr Seuss books were what sparked my interest in art!]