Sunday, April 17, 2011

In the Garden

The primrose are really popping this week as are the hyacinth.
Just in time for Easter!

This photo really shows how well the poppy is doing!

Aesthetically speaking, the above photo isn't the prettiest but you can at least see the different shades of pink. They actually look much different in person, not all are actually pink, they just photograph that way. (In the big space was another smaller primrose but a rabbit came along and ate it before I took this photo.)

This primrose is a pretty pale pink

This primrose is a red violet color. Much more purple than it looks.

And this primrose is more of a fuchsia. It is much brighter than it photographs.

Yellow. The only color that photographs correctly.

These are so pretty. A lovely shade of blue violet, looks great with the primrose!

I was surprised to see my Labrador violets blooming. They are easy to overlook since they are so small but they are so sweet. I just love violets. I am also planting some sweet violets this year from seed.

My peony is not only coming back for its second year but it is thriving. It is planted in a large pot so I always get anxious that it will freeze out and fail to come back but it has sent up 3 shoots so far so I guess it's pretty happy. It should have stunning blossoms this year. It is called Buddha's Lotus Seat and it is suppose to have pink outer petals with pale golden center petals. So excited to see it in all it's glory!

In this messy clump of green, I have lilies sneaking up through a foxglove. I believe it is a black beauty lily but I'm not sure. Last year, the deer ate my lily before it was able to bloom(right after it set its buds). I'm hoping since it is now nestled in the foxglove it may have a better chance. I also ordered some Liquid Fence on the advice of an artist friend. I look forward to seeing how well it works. It would be a Godsend if I don't have to build a fence around my little garden bed. It is also suppose to keep rabbits out (yay!) I will keep you posted on results, it should be here this week so I should be able to see how effective it is pretty quickly.

This post is a little later than I planned it to be but I was having some issues with the laptop I upload all of my photos to. It refused to boot up. I found out that it was having issues because it was attached to the printer but since I had that scare, the thought that I wouldn't have my database of photos (art, family and other), made my husband back it up before we shut it down. Hopefully, it will continue to serve it's purpose until I can get a new one. Until then, at least I know I'll have all my photos saved to a safe place.

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Sherry Byrum said...

So glad you joined the MHA group! Another gardener? Yippee! I love gardening as much as I do art. Congratulations on the Etsy front page. Your work is just simply awesome!