Monday, April 18, 2011

Garden Gnome Update - The Painting Begins

Painting is underway! I'm basically working on the front first and then will progress to the back. The dark background will be put in last so that the color is consistent from front to back. He looks a bit like Santa Claus right now but he will have some gray in his beard and eyebrows and his hat won't be white so that will help. There are also playing cards that will be tucked into his beard. Those will probably be applied this week.

His eyes ended up being a little more brown than green but I like how they are looking so I'm leaving them a green-brown hazel. They also have gold flecks in them now. Quite pretty and his eyes really give him life. His face needs more paint. I started with a light shade of flesh, added a darker shade and will now even it out, adding highlights and shadows. (oh! and some color to his cheeks :O)

He is going to be so heartbroken when the gnome goes to his new home :o(

Most of the colors you see are just where I've laid in basic colors. There will be more depth and texture I just haven't started to add it yet.


The caterpillar's 'shroom will have bright white spots. I added another layer of red to the cap and decided to paint over the spots instead of trying to paint around them.

The smoke will hopefully be even more pale. I will be covering all three colors with a layer of transparent silver so that it looks a little more mystical. (or should I say *mist*ical) It'll be against a dark background and the edges will be softened.

Note: the base of the gnome has become a parking lot for toy cars!

The caterpillar isn't finished yet but he is looking mighty dapper dressed in blue

That's all the progress from the past week. Now I must buckle down so that I can finish up the front this week and move to the back.

Oh! And I've neglected my Easter decorations this year so I must make up to the young one by making sure I don't neglect my easter cooking traditions. We have a lemon poppyseed pound cake lamb to make and decorate, eggs to dye and (hopefully, if I can pull it off) homemade poppyseed and nut rolls to make.

Oy! At least I did all my Easter grocery shopping yesterday
so all I have to pick up is asparagus for Easter Sunday dinner.

Have a great and productive week!

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hoffee and a nuffin said...

You have been one VERY busy girl! This looks amazing!! Keep up the good work :)

(BTW~ Love the 'parking lot' for toy cars!)