Monday, April 25, 2011

Garden Gnome Progress - The Painting Continues

His face is virtually done, although I have to touch up a few spots here and there. His beard will be done when I get all the cards finished and applied. They were giving me some issues. You can see below how they will be inserted into his beard. They are finished on both sides and then I cut out a piece in his beard to slide them into. Once I have them all painted, I'll go back and use Magic Smooth to attach them permanently, painting over anything that needs touched up.

If you look closely you can see where his nose needs a touch up(got a little beard paint on the underneath) and the slot cut out for the playing card. There will be four total on the front and a number(exact number still undetermined:O) on the back.

An even better photo of the card in the beard.

The Cheshire cat. His face will be the only thing fully painted. His body will appear to be vanishing. The whole front of the hat will be a tree with dark green black leaves that wrap around to the Mad Hatter scene on the back.

Above, all the little leaves are painted.
Below, the darker grass is almost finished.

Need to finish the card player's face, shoes and the white roses being painted red. The background will go in soon. It will be a dark burgundy black that wraps all around the gnome's body.

The bottom black background being painstakingly put in while the details get finished. It really does make everything pop.

Would have had more finished but I had a heavy week at school and Easter so I didn't get as much done as I would have liked to. Good news is I only have one class left on Saturday and a couple weeks of the other class (that doesn't take as much time) so I should be able to make great headway. :o)

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