Saturday, July 5, 2008

so here I sit blogging.....

The other day the crazy poopous (yes, the dog, Dharma) either got spooked by the sound of my husband entering her lair (the dining room) or excited (since he is her favorite playmate) and pulled my charging laptop to the floor. NOT GOOD!! I thought we lost it for good, but since my hubby is a geek, he was able to revive it. Only problem is it's a little more beat up than it was. I had been organizing my files because I had also had a virus scare a few weeks ago (it ended up being something to do with avast and firefox and compatibility) The last time that happened he had to blow my hard drive away and I had to start over after burning all my info to disc. So long story short, here I sit organizing my files and burning all the current information, pictures and projects to disc. Hubby did make a copy(ghost?) of my machine but I figured I better make sure I have hard copies (well a disc) with my info too. So here I sit hoping that the cd-r will actually have my info on it after waiting umpteen minutes for the burner to do its thing! Did I ever mention technology is overrated, nice but overrated! Yeah! the second time was a charm! Now I need to burn those baby pictures 2 more times! Have to keep the grandparents supplied with all the photos they can possibly have!