Friday, July 4, 2008

birthday preps and a monkey on his back

Well, I'm trying to make headway on the little one's birthday cake. Here's a picture of my first (failed)attempt at royal icing coral. I need to thicken the icing a little more. It was very damp yesterday so I think that's why it didn't work well. Very soupy! Today I hope to find a store open that has fondant or marzipan so I can start making his Nemo and Squirt cake toppers. Also, the bug and I went to the store yesterday and I let him walk on his own. I bought him a monkey backpack harness with a leash of sorts, yeah, I know, some people think it's ludicrous to put a leash on your child but I worked in a mall for years and I think it's more ludicrous to let your child run out in front of you unattended!! He loved it! He walked the entire perimeter of the superstore and tired himself out! Here's a picture of Bug with his monkey on his back!