Sunday, July 6, 2008

New Items!

I'm working on new play items for my shop. I may have finally worked out a recipe for finger paints that won't go bad too quickly and I'm hoping to offer watercolor paints for kids also. To keep the finger paints from spoiling I need to add something non-edible but I'm also testing an edible preservative. Still will be a lot safer for our kids than the mass produced varieties out there!
I'm also almost done with my bug kit. Having problems with the printing sequence on my publication so once that's hammered out I'll post it on etsy! Also, If I can persuade my husband to hook up the scanner to my computer I'll re-post this with the graphics!


parent plus loan said...

Can you add some more photos?

parent plus loan

busylittleelf said...

I'll be working on posting more photos. I will re-post when I have them! Thanks for your input!