Saturday, March 26, 2011

In the Garden

Violas are blooming in the garden. A pesky squirrel dug up the ones that were in the planter with the peony. Speaking of, the peony is coming back to life. I was a bit nervous because it lives in a planter and this winter was so cold that there was that outside chance it may freeze. As you can see below by the little pink nub, it did not.

Daylilies are popping up in every garden bed. I haven't located some of the newer ones but I also haven't had a chance to weed and remove dead leaves. I'm sure as soon as I clear the beds, they will reappear. I love daylilies because they are so resilient.

I have iris scattered here and there. They aren't doing as well would have liked or expected. We will see when spring really kicks in how they are going to do. In the one flower bed, the squirrels appear to have had some fun digging them up.

Besides dead matter and sprouts, if you look closely you can find quite a bit of bunny and deer droppings. Free fertilizer I guess.

Labrador violets are popping up all over my main garden bed. Since I'm a huge violet fan, I don't mind. I consider it a pretty ground cover.

These are the two strongest poppy plants but there are more interspersed throughout the beds. These are closer to the house and therefore warmer. That's my guess for why they are looking so great :o)

My mom buys me primrose every year so I keep them alive until spring and plant them by the front door. I'm not sure how many I have now but they love their little home. They also bloom throughout most of the winter!

I have four hyacinth coming up. Can't wait to see these guys in all their splendor.

Both my lavender and pink phlox are coming up. Phlox isn't my favorite flower but for some reason, I get really excited when these guys come back. I've had the pink since I lived in Columbus (about 5 years) and the lavender since we lived in Cleveland (3 years). Every time we move, I dig them up and bring them with us.

Garden Mums.

Another mum below in the jungle of weeds that exists in my small, front garden bed. I had my bird feeder over there so I could watch my birds while doing the dishes. Needless to say, the weeds are very hardy.

Finally, some plants that need to be planted ASAP. They just arrived this week but with a cold snap they have to wait a bit before they can be introduced to their new home. Temps are due to go up next week so I'll try to get them in then. In the meantime, I will keep them in the cool mudroom and water them occasionally.

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