Monday, March 7, 2011

Holden Arboretum's Gnome and Garden Gnome Progress

Finally! The planets have aligned and I am able give an update on the gnome's progress. The surface drawings are, for all intensive purposes, done. (except the back of the hat with the Mad Hatter's tea party, issues with the placement) I will start sculpting, or at least preparing the armatures for sculpting, tonight. SO EXCITED! Here is a little tour of the gnome's surface drawings:

The above two and one immediately below are Alice chasing the white rabbit down the rabbit hole. This drawing will be mostly 2 dimensional except for the rabbit and Alice's leg. I'm hoping to fully sculpt the rabbit and his pocket watch. This should really give this scene depth. I messed up Alice's lips when I was picking at this scene so I will fix them before I start painting.

Above is the foot of the gnome that will have the Caterpillar and his hookah. The caterpillar will be constructed, sculpted and then attached to the mushroom. The hookah will be sculpted onto the surface of the gnome.

Above and below is the scene where Alice falls down the rabbit hole. By far this is my favorite drawing. The bookshelf, falling books and clock will be sculpted onto the surface as will Alice's petticoat and feet.

Above and below are the card people painting the roses red. This drawing is being kept loose because the card person who is painting on the ladder will be sculpted and I may need to adjust some. This has proven to be the most difficult scene to engineer. The depth of the gnome's beard is much greater than I anticipated. I will conquer it though :o)

Above drink me, eat me and key. All will be sculpted onto the surface.

Above is the White Rabbit in Wonderland. This guy is my second favorite scene. He has a trumpet in his left hand which will have some dimension. Also, his head, neck ruff and collars will be sculpted.

Above and below, the queen of hearts. Her head and left arm will be sculpted as will her ruff. This is a very loose sketch since so much of it is being sculpted. Love the flamingo!

The hedgehog at the Queen's feet.

Alice being attacked by playing cards. The cards will be painted on the surface and will also be three dimensionally sculpted coming off the surface. This scene should be very cool when finished.


I'll try to take photos as I sculpt and give an update when I get further along. I'm debating which features I will sculpt first so it may take me a while to get somewhere further. Common sense tells me to do the more intricate details because it is time consuming but I could get further along if I do the three dimensional cards, roses and smoke that covers large areas of the gnome. We'll see which I decide on next time. :o)