Monday, March 21, 2011

Garden Gnome Update - Sculpting Continues

The sculpting continues and, for the most part, the bulk of the surface sculpting is complete. I have one more rose to sculpt and some books and book shelves, a clock and Alice's ankles, feet and underskirt.

And then there is the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, I am redrawing it today and hope to have it sculpted quickly.

I am still waiting for my Magic Smooth to arrive so I can work on the spray of playing cards on the back and the cards that are tucked into Sir Gnome's beard. I also will be working on the caterpillar and playing card rose painter in the next few days. As always, more photos of the ongoing progress will be available on my Facebook page.

1 comment:

hoffee and a nuffin said...

LOVE it! Love the little hedgehog. Love it ALL! :)) You're doing such a fantastic job and I enjoy watching this piece evolve.