Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Studio - Getting Closer

The studio is finished being painted. I have organized most of my supplies. I still have one 6 foot table covered in miscellaneous stuff that I need to sort through, paperwork and receipts that need to be organized and de-stash stuff that I need to put into *lots*. I just finished hanging my first two shelves for my CD's (and that is only a portion of my CD collection I have a library system that holds many more without the jewel cases!). I taught my small one some new words when things didn't go the way I planned, it has been quite a while since I have hung shelving. Still waiting for my LED lights to arrive for underneath the top shelves (which I will hopefully hang this weekend). I am very happy with how things are turning out. I do hope to make a *cover* for the CD's. I hope to make a pretty lattice-like door out of a thin wood that will hinge to the bottom shelf covering both CD shelves and fold down when I want to pick out some music but hide the busyness of the CD's when I am working. I still need to design the pattern, but I am thinking snowflakes and stars, 60's style of course. I may do it on the top shelves, too, but I need to see how distracting they are with the storage bins first.

On another front, I aced my first Microeconomics quiz. As a matter of fact I have 60 of 60 possible points to date. Hooray! It has turned out to be a bit of a mind numbing class so to do well makes it feel worth my time.

Finally, my 5 foot gnome is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, Friday, January 28, around 3 pm. I'll take pictures of him when he is in the house. Oh, and he can't fit into my studio yet (I have the step stool and vacuum in the space I will put him in) but hopefully by tomorrow he will. According to the director of the event he only weighs about 35 pounds so he'll be easy to move around. (My son weighs about 35 pounds so I know I can handle it :o)


Lisa said...

Very nice ... organization always makes me feel better ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow...that is a lot of organizing! Good for you:)