Sunday, January 9, 2011

Better Late Than Never...Christmas Decorations: Part 1

The decorated antique hutch where all my Holt Howard and 50/60's pieces reside
Surprise! Look who I decided to keep, I couldn't part with his joyful self!

Holt Howard candle holder and some really groovy foil poms

My little candy cane elves and more groovy poms

The whole hutch

My moose collection

Our stockings and the little one's animated toys

Christmas dishes and elves on top of the kitchen cabinet

The kitchen tree(with groovy foil poms)

On top of the refrigerator

I wanted to post these earlier but I'm still working between 2 laptops (A tale of two laptops:o) Anyway, here are the ones I put on my thumb drive. I'll have to do one more post with the Christmas Tree since I obviously didn't transfer them this time.



Anonymous said...

Love the snowman stuff! Glad you all had a lovely holiday:)

elf said...

Thank You Nancy! It was a great season (and my Christmas decorating is getting to just about where I want it!;o)