Saturday, January 1, 2011

21 Days to Create a New Habit?

I had always heard it took 21 days to change a habit. That seems doable. Then I came across this article: How Long to Form a Habit
The article proceeds to tell us that in actuality it is closer to 3 months on average to adopt a new habit and have that habit become automatic.(which is really what we are striving for, isn't it?)

I was curious to see if the 21 day thing was accurate as I was preparing to sit down and create a menu for the next month that would help me get back to eating whole foods like I had up until my wee tot was born. 21 days is totally doable, that's three weeks. Three weeks goes by like that [insert finger click here]

Now you tell me three months? Still doable but I can't prepare menus for three months. Well, I can, but will I really want whatever I planned three months from now? Regardless, I do believe that if I can plan my menus three weeks out and stick to them, I will be that much closer to making the habit stick. After all it did take me a couple years to break the good habit I had. I can dedicate the next three months to becoming healthier and happier.

The nice thing the article mentioned is that missing a single day did not reduce the chance of forming a habit. I hope to not miss an entire day, maybe a meal here or there, but it is reassuring to know that you can just climb right back up on that horse and soldier on.

In the coming weeks, look for some of my favorite (but long neglected) whole food recipes. [my all time favorite:Potato Rösti (a swiss potato pancake) with marinated tofu and tomato sauce, YUM!)

Now, I must go prep my kitchen and pantry for a return to healthy eating!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great idea. Would you be opposed to creating the initial 3 week plan and then just repeating it with some substitutions until you can completely change it seasonally?

elf said...

Not at all, that actually sounds like a great idea! I'm strange in that I can eat the same thing everyday for, say, breakfast and not get sick of it. I do like the routine and ease of repeating meals on a schedule.