Friday, January 21, 2011

My Studio

The new hue.

Note the clean 2 foot swath along the wall (so sad).

How it all began.

Pretty scary, huh?

This is what happens when the table you store things under goes away! YIKES!

It is a very pretty shade of blue, the photos don't do it justice.
[and it's VOC free and only $10 a gallon at Home Depot!!)

Since Christmas, I have been diligently working on my studio. I also decided that it was time to return to school. Unfortunately, the timing for everything collided. I was in the process of cleaning out and organizing the studio when I had to go to the community college and register for classes. Then, when trying to get registered, filing for Financial aid and taking care of all the incidentals that come up with re-entering college, I found out my gnome design was 1 of 20 selected to be reproduced as a 5 foot garden sculpture (Yay!)

The Gnome is due to arrive at the beginning of February. Classes started last Saturday and the studio is slowly but surely being transformed (Thank God for my mom, she has been watching my son while I take my Tuesday and Thursday class and helped me clean the rest of the house since I've been transfixed with my studio!)

I'm still on track for pulling this all off. These are the pictures of the studio from it's sad and sorry state at the beginning of the process to the current (even worse) state as I try to paint the walls. Once I finish painting, it should come together quickly. Unfortunately, I store a lot of things under the tables. Much of that will go out this summer when I hold a yard sale, until then it will probably be re-stashed under the tables. AT least it won't be in the middle of the floor!

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Anonymous said...

Yikes...that's quite a pile to deal with there! Love the color!