Friday, April 16, 2010

Customer Service: How to Guarantee Return Business: Lesson #2

So where were we on the German Glitter saga? Not very far into it really. I received a reply to my pissiosity, basically saying "Oops, we screwed up. We're resending it today." So since I have the experience that I do with this company, I read my shipping confirmation and what do I find? THEY SHIPPED IT TO THE SAME INCORRECT ADDRESS! I immediately respond to the notification and send yet another (my 5th mind you) correspondence. Please, keep in mind, this is a $20 order of three packages of glitter, not huge but GEEZ Louise, no profit could have been made on this sale.

The customer service manager is beside herself at this point and prints a new label and makes sure the package is sent to the correct address. Lo and behold, I receive both the second package and the correctly addressed package (the post office actually caught this one and forwarded it and, a little aside, I actually had my husband drive by the old house on the day it was supposed to be delivered and it wasn't there)

Now I wait for a response from the customer service manager. I am waiting to hear if they would like this second package back and if so, where I should send it. So far I've had no response.

Would I reorder from this company? Most likely, they do offer different grain sizes of German glass glitter where my other supplier has just one size on most colors, but I would make sure all my information is updated and saved before placing an order. I also would not place an order with them unless I have plenty of time to wait for it to show up. My other supplier managed to get my package to me within 4 days, the original order from this company was placed on April 6th and finally arrived on April 21st. WOW! I really am a patient person.


Athena said...

Isn't that the (excuse me) pisser? The one company that doesn't have great service is the one that offers you the most choice. And maybe that's it and why: a lot of companies like that get complacent-- you don't have other options, so they get lax with their customer service.

Glad you finally got your glitter, though!

elf said...

I guess in the end the company is the one who lost here. I ended up with 3 packages of each color of glitter(and 1 of each was lost/stolen from the first package) and only paid for 1 round of shipping(they sent 3 packages which ended up costing them almost the amount of my sale), so all in all it ended up being irritating but the only thing I lost was time(which is valuable) but the extra glitter will save my business money down the road. I have a feeling(wishful thinking perhaps) that maybe they will try to make sure something like this doesn't happen again, but then again we'll have to see!