Monday, August 31, 2009

The Joy of Moving

I've decided that maybe I will journal the move and that way I can keep the blog current even though the topic, well at least to me, is rather droll!

All weekend long my husband and I have been purging. The new house is smaller than our current house and it has much less storage space. I used to hold onto recycled containers and old cardboard boxes to use as forms for paper mache but since space is limited, I have been making trips to the recycling drop offs on an every other day basis. It's a bit of a pain but I feel better thinking I'm doing what I can to help the environment. Needless to say my studio is torn up! I have been dragging everything out of the closet and storage spaces, going through it and discarding or repacking depending on what I find.

Today I have errands to run, the little one and husband need food, can you believe that? I also ran out of dishwashing detergent, which is odd since I usually have an extra or two on hand at all times. Since we are going to be able to move-in early(after the 16th), I hope to take many small trips before the big move to start setting up the house. If it will fit in the car, I hope to move it before the big day. Draperies are first. I really hate washing, ironing and hanging drapes, don't know why but I do. I used to love to wash and iron my bedding and make my bed with the crisp, clean sheets but drapes, eh...... I worked at JCPenney's as a visual merchandiser and had to do housewares. We were required to iron all the bedding before redoing a display, I always loved the bedding but hated the drapes. Just a weird little tidbit. But I digress, today I have to wash all the draperies and get them ready for the move, continue to pack up my studio and hopefully start packing up the kitchen and bath (especially the stuff we don't use all that often). The good thing about going in stages, we can reuse boxes and will need less, plus moving day is bad enough when you have to move all the heavy furniture and appliances, who wants to move 600 boxes of random stuff, too? [By the way, 600 is a random number, hopefully we won't have that much stuff!:o)]

Off I go to the recycling drop off! Have a glorious day!


Athena said...

Oh, Lord, I hope you don't have 600 boxes!! I moved in December, and it was a horror story. I don't want to do it again for a loooong time.

Blog Queen said...

I loathe moving

PJ said...

although i only have my personal belongings to move, i am getting more frustrated than if i had to move a whole house! it is nice that you can take car loads at a time early. that makes it so much less stressful. have a great day!

elf said...

Oh PJ,I know and feel your pain! Our last move was disastrous and I was 9 months pregnant which didn't help! I'm so happy I can make trips with the smaller things so that I can get the house set up like it needs to be before we get there. If I can get most of the smaller stuff squared away in advance then moving day should be a breeze, exhausting, but a breeze!

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

I hate moving!! It's then that I realise just how much I hoard things!!
You seem really organised good luck and let us know how it's going.