Monday, August 17, 2009

In the Works!

Thank You all for your kind words of support!

I've been rather frenetic as of late, thinking about moving all of this 'stuff' is just something I find rather unappealing. So I've been purging. I think after the first event, I realized how truly blessed we were, how we must have angels on our shoulders looking over us and protecting us from harm.

When you put things in their proper perspective you start to realize what is important and what isn't. While I will miss my little garden, I can start again. While I like the beautiful woodwork of this old house, I love the peace of mind of living in a safer community. While I love the spaciousness of this house, I have been thrilled to purge old things that I had dragged from home to home to home over the past 12 years that in retrospect just took up space. It is freeing to let go of things that really have no bearing on the quality of your life, things that just add complexity and chaos to a life that is rich and fulfilling in it's simplest form.

While ridding myself of things I no longer wish to own, I've started on a new creative pursuit. I have been so inspired by some fellow artists that work in paper clay that I have decided to try it myself. The photos are the first attempt at sculpting an elf. The sculpting material I used was not a quality paper clay, it was a modeling 'material' that was difficult to smooth and dried with an odd foam feel. However for a first attempt, aesthetically speaking, it's not too shabby and this little elf of mine is growing in fondness in my heart as he begins to come to life! I'll share his finished result when I can.


Athena said...

If that's your first attempt, I'm jealous! ;) It's really good, and this is my first time seeing his hairdo, heh.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

What a creative art piece. It's so cute, very well done.

PJ said...

i'm happy to hear that you are putting things into perspective about the move. i do believe that things work out for the best. yes, it is a great rejuvenation feeling when you can finally rid yourself of unnecessary "stuff". as i mentioned before, your little guy there is just the cutest!