Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stop Motion Animation Project

I just had an idea to create a promotional video Christmas "card" for my customers in stop motion animation. I really think I have more time than I do but I hope to enlist the help of some of my good friends. Plus, it shouldn't be longer than 30 seconds or so. My plan is to use a few of my elf ornaments as characters to decorate a tree with the ornaments I've made wishing all a Very Merry at the end. I am planning all the props that I'll need in the back of my head while I make ornaments as well as how I want to do the set. I've had one friend show interest in helping and I hope more will follow suit. Of course, I'll share any progress we make on this as I can. First things first is either figuring how to make Movie Maker submit to my will or finding a software that will!


Rose Works Jewelry said...

That sounds like an awesome project! I hope you find the time to pull it off :)

Anonymous said...

hmn....sounds interesting and very fun! Can't wait to see it!