Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Few More Current Photos of the Garden

I've been a busy little elf as of late! Between the garden, my son, working on an astrological chart reading and the other umpteen projects I am currently focusing on, I've neglected my blog and other social networking sites. Don't get me wrong my virtual farm on Facebook gets daily attention and I drop my entrecards almost every day (especially those who've dropped one for me!) but for the most part my spare time has been channeled into my projects.

The garden is resting a bit as far as blooms go. Astilbe is going to start blooming soon and daylilies are gearing up. The Globe Thistle is getting big, as is the coneflower. Hydrangea have buds and my container plants are beginning to take off (the sweetpeas are very happy!) Finished blooming are the peony, columbine and iris. The sweet william, moss pinks, foxglove and rose are all in full bloom. I planted my dahlias this weekend and continue to plant zinnia seeds when I finish a bed in the backyard (it's much more fun to play kick ball with the boy than to weed and prepare a flower bed!) I also have a slew of calendula plants that need to be put in the ground but those are going up front and I have to have either my husband handy to watch the G-man or have to have the little one in a good (read: mellow) mood where he will sit happily in the pack and play while mommy works. So, there is the little garden update.

Within the next few days I should be able to share some of my Christmas ornaments that are nearing completion! Thanks to those of you that voted on the poll, I followed the unanimous decision (also my favorite!) I think you will like them! They make me smile, which is usually a good indicator of success! :o)

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