Tuesday, June 9, 2009

1st Finished Candy Ornament

This is the first finished candy twist ornament. (we affectionately call them chubbies in our house, the idea originated in old-fashioned candy sticks and then transformed to this!) I think it came out very cute. So cute in fact that I have finished making 6 ornaments each of 9 different colorways (and more planned in my head) I hope to make little sets of the different candies that coordinate and package them in a nice gift or display box. I have just posted another poll (since you were so helpful helping me decide last time!) I'm trying to name my store section in my etsy shop as well as branding this line of ornaments. I hope to actually transform my web page into an online store from what it has been for 3 or 4 years(a place holder!). I would like to have individual shops represent the jobs Santa's elves hold in his Christmas Village (bakery, candy, decorations, cobbler/leathersmith, seamstress) I plan on designing a product tag for each ornament I make, so the name of the "shop" will be very important and prominent. If you have any better ideas please share in a comment, Hubby being a network geek [01010101] isn't always all that imaginative when it comes to these pursuits of mine (I can't wait til the tike is old enough to help :o)


PJ said...

what a brilliant idea you have. that candy ornament is schweet! looking forward to seeing the rest of your art. as for store name, i will think on that one.

Anonymous said...

Awh, that sounds so cute I just might pee my pants! Reading things like this and then feeling how I react to them makes me remember what a huge nut I am about organizing things. I love the sound of all of the cute categories and their corresponding tags. Awesome! Let us know when it's up and ready to view!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Those are really cute!