Sunday, June 21, 2009

Just an Observation...

When I was 19 or so, I was absolutely smitten with Marti Pellow, the lead singer of 'Wet Wet Wet'.

A few years later (1995 to be exact) another 'Wet Wet Wet' video surfaced. I still found Mr. Pellow attractive. Have you ever noticed some people just have that 'je nais c'est quoi'? He definitely did, at least I thought so.

So where am I going with this? Well last night while playing on the computer I came across the "Love is All Around" video quite by accident. It took me back to those years in my life and made me wonder 'what ever happened to'? I googled his name out of curiosity and found that he is still kicking around, now 44. Shortly after the '95 video, the drummer left the band and Pellow found himself in the midst of a Heroin addiction. He left the band in 1999, effectively disbanding it. He has since beat his heroin addiction and the band reformed in 2004.

So again, where am I going with this? When you are young you create all these images in your mind about people who seem to have it all. Then throughout your life you end up finding out that maybe they really weren't as Blessed, perfect, lucky, whatever you want to call it, as you originally thought. You learn that everyone struggles with things in their lives and that fact unites us together as human beings or, as I prefer, spiritual beings.

Here is a current photo of Mr. Pellow. Still handsome, but the struggles he has faced in his life now show clearly on his face. What those struggles have been I may not know but I do know that his music, incredible voice and stage presence were part of a very pivotal period of my life. They were part of the soundtrack of my life. They are integrally tied to happy memories and for that I am grateful. Because of that, I wish Mr. Pellow much happiness and contentment in his life.(ironically, the life I would have imagined him having way back when)

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